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Hellsing Ultimate

Vampires are one of the most talked about creatures of all lore. So no wonder it’s a popular topic in many forms of media.

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Likewise, the anime world has its fair cốt truyện of bloodsucking monsters from dễ thương children to lớn scary looking spawns of the devil that will make your blood run cold (or dry).

And this post is a celebration of all of them!

I’d like to danh sách my favorite vampire-themed anime here to show you that not all vampires are terrible or deserve to lớn be decapitated.

20. Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-Hen


This anime has one of the greatest opening sequences of all time.

While a typical vampire anime would start with the mundane boring life of the would-be vampire… Kizumonogatari opened strong.

In the first scene, Koyomi was already a vampire. Only he didn’t know it yet.

So he wanders outside, realizing too late that the sunlight was hurting his skin.

For that alone, it already deserves a place on this list.

Then came the backstory.

Then, Koyomi’s quest lớn regain his humanity. And we are hooked.

It has intrigue, action, và a scoring that will hit you right in the kokoro in all the right places.

In fact, it would have ranked higher on this list… were it not for the fanservice overkill!

19. Dance in the Vampire Bund


If a vampire offers khổng lồ pay off your family’s debt, would you let her in your home?

This is the simple yet interesting premise of Dance in the Vampire Bud.

Mina Tepes, royalty among vampires, got so tired of literally living the shadows, & paid off Japan’s entire national debt– for a chance lớn coexist normally with humans.

What follows is a series of shocking, entertaining, và at times downright hilarious events that reveal the struggle of humans và vampires in their attempt to lớn live side by side.

At its bộ vi xử lý core this is a sharp social commentary about the fractured world we live in, where humankind is deeply divided by race, social class, & polarized beliefs.

18. Bakemonogatari


Koyomi Aragari lived a typical, boring life… until he gets attacked by a vampire!

Although he survived, he now has to deal with his changing appetite, new friends, và a goal to help others who are also suffering from fantastical illnesses.

17. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)


Here’s another Armageddon mix this time in thành phố new york City.

In Kekkai Sensen, the city that never sleeps is now literally so.

Especially after being renamed into Hellsalem’s Lot with supernatural beings roaming everywhere.

And the only things standing in between these creatures and the rest of the world is a seemingly impenetrable bubble.

But someone’s threatening khổng lồ break this shield out!

It’s now up to lớn Leo Watch và the exclusive organization Libra to save the day.

16. Blood Lad


Have you ever encountered a vampire that’s more enthralled with all things otaku than with the thought of consuming human blood?

If you haven’t watched Blood Lad then you’re in for a surprise.

This show takes a rather overused genre of supernatural fantasy and puts a fantastic comedic spin on it.

Weird, unique, eccentric, whatever you may call it.

If it leaves you rolling on the floor laughing, it’s worth a shot right?

15. Blood-C


Okay, if you’re thinking about watching Blood-C then chances are you’re already familiar with the Blood franchise.

So let me tell you: this isn’t going khổng lồ be as good as the other Blood franchise shows… at least as far as the first few episodes are concerned!

It’s painful, brutal, and will feel like torture most of the time.

But you have khổng lồ sit through it to lớn get to lớn the really, really good parts.

Once you get there you’ll be thanking your past self for powering through the bad stuff.

14. Strike the Blood


This series has perfectly struck the balance between vampire anime and… ecchi.

It all boils down khổng lồ Akatsuki Kojou supposedly being the “Fourth Progenitor” of the vampire world. Which they say makes him the most powerful one, và the one that might tip the scales of power nguồn in their realm.

But really, it’s mostly just about the Kojou’s harem all wanting him to lớn drink their blood.

If that’s your cup of tea then by all means go fire this up!

13. Shiki


Shiki features nothing fancy.

Just plain old simple vampire lores with all of its glorious gore & scary, scary undertones.

I would have rated this higher if I personally liked horror series. Sorry horror fans!

But hey it’s on the list, right? Because it’s actually pretty good.

You can expect no friendly vampire in this series as it explores this certain dark side of humanity when people are given absolute liberty… or forced lớn go over the edge.

Warning: vì not watch this at night if you can’t stand “Another”.

12. Karin


Vampire-themed anime seem lớn always have this dark & gory vibe.

But Karin isn’t your typical black-and-red-and-nothing-else vampire series.

For one, the title character protagonist doesn’t even drink blood!

In fact, she produces so much of it that she has to lớn feed it to lớn humans– or else.

She’s the textbook definition– of what an anti-vampire.

Because of Karin’s chất lượng situation, she often finds herself in unfortunate situations that might leave all of us gagging in uncontrollable laughter.

Looking for a vampire anime that’s light, funny, and will make you feel good? This one’s for you.

11. Vampire Princess Miyu


When you’re done laughing and you miss things getting a bit more serious, it’s time to turn khổng lồ Vampire Princess Miyu.

There are only 26 episodes. But there are a lot killings and some pretty dark stuff.

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It really does need a big-ass trigger warning before the opening credits roll.

The storyline is pretty incredible, although it seems lớn always fall back to lớn its thesis statement: that everyone’s fate is predetermined and there’s nothing you can vày to change it.

Pretty brutal, huh?

10. Black Blood Brothers


If you’re so sick of the vampire vs. Human trope then đen Blood Brothers is a must-watch.

Here you will see a faction of vampires turning against their own kind, even going so far as protecting humans from other bloodthirsty vampires.

This show will also surprise you with its comedic timing. It’s abrupt & just hilarious.

It’s also one of the very few vampire-themed anime where the transformation to being a creature of the night is uhm, a pleasurable experience.

To màn chơi with you, yes this anime is highly sensual.

But it’s so much more than just trashy tín đồ service.

9. Rosario + Vampire


Enough with the gorey end of the world vampire themes.

Rosario + Vampire gives a new feel khổng lồ the vampire anime genre: romantic comedy.

It tells us the life of average guy Tsukune Aono, who after flunking his high school entrance exams, was forced lớn enroll at school named Youkai Academy.

Little did he know, this is not a regular school full of pubescent teenagers.

But actually a place for supernatural beings lớn study!

Now Tsukune has to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with having to lớn confess to the girl she likes, but also fending off the rest of the school who wants a taste of his blood. Yikes!

8. Vampire Hunter D


If you want classic gothic vampire stuff that’s mix in the medieval era, no other anime does it better than Vampire Hunter D.

The premise is simple: a young girl is bitten by a vampire in Romania.

A mysterious cloaked figure “D” comes to lớn the rescue. He’s incredibly skilled, & unbelievably attractive. But who is he really?

The storytelling doesn’t really hide it. This series might as well say it: “D” is a half-vampire, half-human creature that’s poised to bridge the gap between the daylight dwellers và the nightcrawlers.

Now that this “revelation” is out of the way, you can enjoy this timeless show in all its medieval glory.

7. Blood+


Nothing can beat a long-standing secret war between 2 nations, am I right?

This feud is about a race of bloodsucking creatures aka the Chiropterans and the Red Shield, a group that dedicated its life khổng lồ ridding the world of these monsters.

In the middle of this chaos, Saya Otonashi gets recruited lớn join the Red Shield và slowly regains pieces of her lost memories.

Aside from the gore và action, the cherry on đứng top of this series is the way this anime will make you guess what’s going to happen next.

6. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


Do you love rock, alternative music & 90s pop culture?

Then you absolutely have to watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Just to enjoy all the ‘90s music references!

But that’s just one of the things that’s crazy good about this anime.

I love saying this: you don’t watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure– you experience it.

Even though it’s hard explaining what this anime is really about, I can only tell you that this show got me crying real tears of pain. Unable khổng lồ move from anguish for days, và then got me laughing until my sides hurt.

It’s a rollercoaster.

Believe me, you have khổng lồ experience it to know what I mean.

5. Castlevania


Most of the anime in this list are classics.

But here’s one that’s fresh off the press.

It features the best voice acting I have ever encountered in any anime ever. Andd paired with the spectacular visuals, Castlevania is hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen even outside this genre.

So if it’s so great, why is it just fitting into the vị trí cao nhất 5?

Well I have khổng lồ be honest. Even though I fell head over heels with this show, some plot holes have become too glaring lớn ignore. I won’t spoil it but the mạng internet has some answers.

Still I remain firm in my stance that this is the best game adaptation series ever made.

Don’t believe me? Watch episode 1 và prepare to lớn be blown away.

4. Trinity Blood


What’s bloodier than vampires & church?

Well, Trinity Blood is not afraid lớn ruffle some feathers. It features not only vampire characters, but beings straight from the Bible itself!

That’s why it is a favorite among many vampire anime enthusiasts, painting a picture of Cain, leading the vampire army in a quest lớn finally rule the world.

3. Hellsing Ultimate


Getting inspiration from the stories of Dracula and Van Hellsing, this anime series puts a spin on these classic vampire tales.

But other than that it truly is a vampire series complete with a brooding vampire protagonist, demon summoning, incredible regeneration abilities, & of course blood drinking.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Until it does.

2. Vampire Knight


This right here is an instant classic.

Cross Academy was constructed for one sole purpose: to lớn unite young humans and well… young-looking vampires in one boarding school.

In order khổng lồ show that these 2 creatures can actually can co-exist.

However things vày take a turn for the worse when students of the Night Class go thirsty.

Luckily Yuki Cross và Zero Kiryu team up to lớn keep them in check. Until they couldn’t!

I mean, if this doesn’t encourage you lớn watch the series I don’t know what will. It’s intense to say the least!

1. Seraph of the over (Owari no Seraph)


We’ve come khổng lồ the over of the list, and our number 1 vampire-themed anime of all time is none other than Owari no Seraph.

It’s a really close điện thoại tư vấn between Vampire Knight and this one.

But Seraph of the over takes the cake in terms of modern-day relevance, at least in my book.

What would you vày if every adult you know, or basically anyone older than 13 years old dies of a mysterious virus?

Pretty creepy right?

But that’s the premise of Seraph of the End, where vampires come out of hiding lớn capture all children as their source of nourishment.

It is later revealed that it wasn’t the vampires who actually created the virus… it was humankind all along.