If one of your 2021 resolutions includes honing your makeup skills or expanding your skincare collection, who better khổng lồ take a cue from than the Internet"s top content creators? The 17 experts below are skincare wizards, makeup artists, beauty-enthusiasts-turned-entrepreneurs, & magazine editors, who are leaving an indelible mark on the beauty industry. They not only educate on eyeliner hacks & buzzy ingredients, but they also invent viral trends, innovate new products, và hold brands accountable as it relates khổng lồ issues of diversity & inclusion. If you"re not already following the beauty experts below, now"s your chance khổng lồ hit that button.

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LabMuffinBeautyScience mix out to make skincare accessible lớn all. While the science behind skincare can be complex (like how sunscreen works or how acids react on the skin), Wong breaks it down so anyone can understand it, while including detailed product review and her hot takes on industry trends.

Come for the beauty reviews, stay for Aina’s endless humor & push for inclusion in beauty. A YouTube veteran, Aina is always honest while reviewing the industry’s most coveted products & collections. Most recently, she’s entered a new landscape: the candle và fragrance world with her self-care brand Forvr Mood.

First a celebrity makeup artist và now a bonafide Instagram sensation, Hughes’s nội dung is a masterclass in gorgeous eye shadow, glossy skin, and futuristic eyeliner. The British makeup artist has worked with brands lượt thích Glossier & Weleda, and gives makeup và skincare advice for every level.

South Sudanese beauty blogger Nyma Tang made it big with her YouTube series “The Darkest Shade,” where she tests the darkest complexion shades to highlight inclusive ranges. She shares glowy skin looks & killer nail art as well as cornrow tutorials & advice lượt thích microblading on darker skin.

BeautyisBoring by photographer and makeup artist Robin black is anything but boring. From the iconic portrait photography khổng lồ the dreamy editorial looks (think: rainbow vivid liner, bright red lips, and full-face metallics) each look is more jaw-dropping than the next. Black’s entire Instagram account is a lookbook of endless makeup inspo.

If want to up your natural hair care game, look khổng lồ YouTuber Hannah Mussette khổng lồ show you the way—from no-heat curl videos khổng lồ a viral box braids tutorial. We"re also obsessed with her skincare và shower routine videos to lớn learn about new products & get the latest glowy skin hacks.

Makeup artist phái mạnh Vo pioneered the ultra-glowy skin trend & even created her own name for the phenomenon: dewy dumplings. Since Nam’s philosophy khổng lồ a great makeup base is great skin, she’s the perfect source to lớn discover a new skincare hàng hóa or tool. Or save her hypnotizing highlight videos when you need of bit of ASMR relaxation.

Susan Yara, founder of channel Mixed Makeup & co-founder of new skincare brand Naturium, has tested just about every sản phẩm out there so you don’t have to. If you’re just starting lớn build a robust skin care routine, turn to Yara to discover the latest và greatest.

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Mariah Leonard is not one to lớn back down from color: her beauty formula includes glowing skin và stunning shadows, from bright greens khổng lồ muted lilacs and bronze tones. Her highly-curated Instagram is comprised of vintage-inspired shots featuring new products & editorial looks, while her YouTube has easy-to-follow tutorials and self-care tips.

Former beauty editor and co-founder of buzzy brand Dieux Skin is your one-stop source for all things skincare science. Each of Parler’s videos on Instagram and TikTok dive deep into topics like slugging with Vaseline & how to properly apply face oils—with derm-approved research lớn back it all up.

Shahd is a model and a beauty aficionado. She’s always on đứng top of the latest beauty launches like Covergirl’s new clean mascara formula, và works with the industry’s most in-demand experts, including Sir John. Her posts range from luxe makeup review to her current drugstore favorites.

If you want to learn how to bởi a cut crease or dive into the world of faux lashes, chances are you can find a tutorial on Shayla Mitchell’s account. Makeup By Shayla has a smoky eye tutorial for every occasion, và she doesn’t shy away from bold màu sắc combos.

At the start of the pandemic, Hyram Yarbro’s expert hand in all things skincare caught the attention every ren Z on TikTok. Suddenly, countless users were asking the 24-year-old creator to nhận xét their routine & suggests new products (he had a hand in the resurgence of CeraVe and The Ordinary). His hot skincare takes are honest và detailed, and his bubbly personality is an added bonus.

As a former MAC makeup artist, Alissa knows how to lớn drum up a show-stopping makeup look. She’s best known on YouTube for recreating iconic celebrity beats, plus giving her honest đánh giá of buzzy new products & brands. No wonder she"s amassed two million followers.

Hani is a London-based blogger who has mastered the art of the perfect winged liner. Follow her for digestible tutorials on trends that can be tricky khổng lồ master, lượt thích an ombré lip and floating eyeliner.

With an extensive và impressive beauty resumé (from Glossier khổng lồ Becca Cosmetics & Foreo), Marcela Alcala is poised lớn be beauty"s next big thing. Not only does Marcela always giới thiệu the latest và greatest in the makeup và skincare world, but she uses her platform to uplift other inspiring women in beauty, including her mom who often tests products by her side.

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Christa Allen is an actress & beauty lover with over a million TikTok followers và an impressive Instagram following. While her feed is a curated mix of beautiful beauty, fashion, and wellness photography, her luxury makeup tutorials and calming TikTok voiceovers make beauty seem like a relaxing, artistic escape—not a chore.

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