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Princess Tori, who wants to be a famous singer, meets pop star Keira, who wants to be a princess, and they decide to trade places.

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FictionJuvenile worksSpecimensJuvenile fictionAdaptations SpecimensRomans, nouvelles, etc. pour la jeunesseSpécimens
Barbie, (Fictitious character); Steve Granat; Cydne Clark; Barbie, (Fictitious character)
Fiction, Primary school
Mary Tillworth; Thu Dương; Mattel, Inc.,; Ulkutay Design Group,; Nhà xuất bản Mỹ thuật,
9786047810130 6047810136
In Vietnamese = Chữ Việt.

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Based on the screenplay by Steve Granat and Cynde Clark, for the movie “Barbie, the Princess & the Popstar.”Originally published in English in the United States under the title: Barbie, the princess & the popstar.
24 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Barbie the Princess & Barbie the Popstar.Barbie the Princess and Barbie the Popstar
Phóng tác, Mary Tillworth ; dựa theo kịch bản phim của Steve Granat and Cynde Clark ; Minh họa, Ulkutay Design Group ; người dịch, Thu Dương.


Princess Tori, who wants to be a famous singer, meets pop star Keira, who wants to be a princess, and they decide to trade places.

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