Bài 1:
For us as a Vietnamese, everyone will have a beautiful hometown in my hometown of Ben Tre. One of the Provinces of the Mekong Delta, a homeland that knows how many beautiful people know how to forget it It's a wonderful homeland that sees us away we can't forget it as something appealing when we go away from our homeland we always remember our homeland Ben Tre speaking as a souvenir Let us ask little memory of every place should have the lush green canopy that we can not forget but leave us in keeping the memorable shape that is his hometown Ben Bamboo is beautiful and I will never forget cute to marry a beautiful home

Bài 2:
Yes, the homeland is the place where people cut vegetables and cut the navel. It is the place to mark many childhood memories of each person. The homeland with so many beautiful scenes is the place to hold on to the footsteps of people away. But for me, the most beautiful hometown scene is the scene where the rice fields in the hometown are hanging in the early morning mist. That is the scene I always remember in my heart.

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Born in a plain of the Northern Delta, her childhood was associated with hard-working buffaloes, fluttering storks and rice fields. Every morning, how happy it is to breathe a breath of fresh air, enjoy the breeze of flesh in the green rice fields. Each breeze blew on, the rice kept sputtering in rhythm, chasing each other running away.

From a distance, the rice fields are blooming like a dash to enhance the beautiful picture of the spring fields. The fields are connected one after another, the green is like a spring lawn. They keep on stamping, chasing the early morning breeze. The sun had shone on the early rays of the sun, pale and golden, revealing the green field. The rice fields seem to be awakened, fluttering and smiling in the early sunshine. Around the fields are green canals, which are bringing water to the rice plants. From above, flocks of storks are flying around. Occasionally, a white stork would land gently in the ditch, plugging and groping to catch each small fish. The fresh air here is how! Taking a deep breath, I felt like the fragrance of tender, sweet, fragrant young rice.

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The closer I get, the more rice fields appear with immense green. The green rice, the young seedlings fluttering in the morning sun. There was a little fog that still hadn't dissolved. Looking down at the rice flower, suddenly the iridescent morning dew is parked on the leaves before it has even melted. And the passionate aroma of young rice filled the space around me. The white, full-moon bushes were sometimes shaken by the wind, sometimes dust particles flew away into the wind. The shoes look big and firm, signaling a bumper crop. Yellow butterflies and white butterflies are flying around on young stands. Even the dragonfly chilli is flying fast on the top of the rice. This is the faint laughter of the hardworking farmers uncle. They are collecting grasses, fertilizing the rice plants with good parts. The laughter said it melted into the sweet space like a fragrant young milk flower with milk smell.

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I really like watching my hometown, especially the rice fields. Although the homeland is gradually changing, but I hope to still be able to see the beautiful and peaceful rice fields like that!
Bài 3: 
Hai Phong – A mighty, majestic port city with many beautiful scenes and the place where I was born and raised. Hai Phong is located in the north of Vietnam. Hai Phong is bordered by the sea, so there are many ports. Hence, this place was called the port city. Weather in Hai Phong has features of the weather in the North. There are four seasons here. Spring is warm, summer is hot and sunny. Autumn is cool and winter is cold. My favorite is the people here. Hai Phong people are simple and gentle. Everyone is very friendly and caring for each other. When the big cities are smoggy, the Air in Hai Phong is very fresh. Busy people and cars give this city a bustling atmosphere. Coming to Hai Phong, you will enjoy delicious Banh My Que with pate. A characteristic feature of this place is the color of phoenix flowers that glow in the sky in summer. Every time I go away seeing phoenix flowers, I remember my beloved Hai Phong. I love Hai Phong. I love everything here.

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