The relationship between Eren and Mikasa isn"t as straightforward as it should have been. Despite their connection being central to Attack On Titan, Eren"s view of Mikasa always seemed to fluctuate. He was never as clear about his feelings as Mikasa was. She never hid the fact that she liked him.

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Eren, on the other hand, had moments where he was downright hateful towards Mikasa, namely when he outright said he hated her in an effort to push her away. It was a heartbreaking scene that helped Eren"s descent into villainy. At the same time, there were plenty of moments when Eren showed he loved Mikasa, especially at the kết thúc of the series.


Eren proved his love for Mikasa before the two of them really knew each other. When Eren and his father managed to track down the men who"d kidnapped and murdered Mikasa"s family, he didn"t hesitate to save the day. He lured one of the robbers in close enough for him to stab them và then rushed the second with a makeshift spear. He never once worried about his own life, only wanting to make sure that Mikasa was ok. It was the start of a relationship that became the foundation of the series.


Eren & Mikasa"s relationship was built from the time they spent together as kids. While they were far too young to lớn be thinking about love in a more adult sense, it was clear very early on that Eren cared about her a lot. A big example of that is the scarf he gave her, one that was an indispensable part of Mikasa"s attire for a majority of the series. It was a symbol of their care for one another, proof that a simple gesture as trying to lớn warm Mikasa up was enough to lớn bind the two together forever.


When Eren"s Attack Titan first revealed itself, he bursts out of the mouth of the titan who"d eaten him and goes on a rampage. He tries khổng lồ kill every titan in his path and ends up saving Mikasa in the process.

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It may not have been a conscious decision, but that makes it all the more significant. For much of the series, he"s always felt like he"s needed khổng lồ protect Mikasa from danger, a feeling she"d always tried to return lớn him in kind.


After Eren woke up from his titan transformation, the military saw him as nothing more than a threat that needed khổng lồ be put down. To bởi this, they were more than willing to sacrifice the lives of Armin & Mikasa. They fired a cannonball at the trio, forcing Eren to lớn think quickly. He bit down on his hand và partially transformed into a titan, blocking the cannon with his body toàn thân to shield his friends. It"s one of the moments that showed how important both of them were to lớn him.

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When Reiner và Bertolt attacked Eren, the ensuing battle was massive. The pair seemed to lớn manage a victory as Eren had exhausted his powers due khổng lồ injuries, và it only looked lượt thích a matter of time before he"d be theirs. While Eren ends up unwittingly unlocking the powers of the Founding Titan to ward them off, it took a pep talk from Mikasa lớn let him rediscover his conviction. In response khổng lồ Mikasa"s words, Eren promises to always wrap the scarf around her neck as many times as necessary. It"s proof Mikasa has always been the person he cared about most in the world.

5 He Was Willing khổng lồ Make Himself Out lớn Be The quái dị To Protect Mikasa From Military Repercussion

When Eren was looked at as more of a weapon rather than a person, Eren willingly went along with it. He was always willing to lớn be the victim if it was necessary to keep his friends safe. The ending of the series is proof enough of that.

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He went through extra steps when it came to Mikasa. He was willing khổng lồ paint himself as the trùm cuối if it meant that Mikasa could avoid repercussions from the military. He was never willing lớn let her drag her life down because of him.

As they grew older, Mikasa was always the one protecting Eren rather than the other way around. She was stronger than he was và far better at combat than he could ever hope to be. It made him harbor an annoyance that she kept treating him like a little brother to her older sister. On the surface, that just seems lượt thích him being childish, but in reality, he merely wanted the roles reversed. He wanted khổng lồ be able lớn be the one lớn protect her, và the proof is in how he acted with his titan powers.

The journey across the sea was the perfect moment for the two of them to lớn express how they felt towards one another. When Eren asked Mikasa what he meant lớn her, she said family but was cut short once their friends arrived. It stopped what could have been a confession of love, & Eren"s disappointment afterward showed that"s what he wanted to hear. He was never going khổng lồ be the one who made the first move, needing Mikasa to lớn say it first so he could come to lớn terms with how he felt.

By this point in the story, Eren already knows he"s going to lớn die & take all of the titan"s powers with him. He"s made peace with that fact & wants Mikasa to vị the same. He doesn"t want her to hold onto feelings for him, shutting herself off from ever being happy again. By pushing her away and telling her lớn forget about him, he"s giving her a chance to lớn still be happy.

While he tried to lớn push Mikasa away so she could remain happy when he was gone, Eren admitted to lớn Armin that he wanted to be with her. The way he broke down in front of Armin was a perfect example of the conflicted feelings within Eren. He"d lived his life by a script for so long that he never had a chance lớn make the choices he"d wanted to lớn make. If it were up to lớn him, he"d be living the life where both of them were able to lớn live a happy life in Marley rather than what would come to lớn pass.

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