10 Best Anime About Vampires Vampires are a popular subject in many forms of media, and these are the best anime featuring the classic blood-sucking creature.

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Few creatures stimulate viewers” imaginations like vampires and this has led the blood-sucking monsters to become the subject of countless shows and movies. The anime industry is not immune to the vampire craze, with fans having numerous vampire anime to choose from.

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There are many excellent vampire anime out there, from classic series to recently released titles. Each vampire anime is unique in its own way, but they all share one thing in common; a fascination with the immortal undead.

When many fans think of vampire anime the first show that comes to mind is Blood+. Inspired by the 2000 film Blood: The Last Vampire, the story follows Saya Otonashi, an anemic amnesiac who learns that her blood is poisonous to vampires. With her trusty katana, she sets out to rid the world of the evil blood-suckers and uncover her past.

While the bloody scenes are intense, there is not as much action in the series as in some other vampire anime. The show focuses more on developing the characters, particularly Saya as she comes to terms with her role as the chosen one. The animation and music are both excellent and many fans still consider it one of the best vampire anime available.

The Strike the Blood cast
Based on a light novel by Gakuto Mikumo, Stike the Blood is a relatively unknown anime even though it includes four seasons and almost 50 episodes. It tells the story of Kojo Akatsuki, a vampire who inherits a legendary power known as the Fourth Progenitor, and Yukina Himeragi, a Sword Shaman tasked with keeping a watchful eye on the young vampire.

Over the course of the series, Kojo and Yukina grow closer together as they face off against other supernatural creatures on Itogami Island, a refugee for vampires and other monsters. While the series has been largely overshadowed by other titles, it”s still a solid vampire series with decent action and animation.

8 Blood Lad

Staz reading manga
In Blood Lad, Staz is a powerful vampire in the Demon World, but unlike other vampires, he doesn”t enjoy drinking human blood, preferring the life of an otaku. One day, Staz meets a human named Fuyumi Yanagi who accidentally wanders into the Demon World, but when she dies and turns into a ghost Staz makes it his mission to help bring her back from the dead.

Vampires are traditionally depicted as horrifying blood-sucking monsters, but Blood Lad takes a different approach, mixing horror with over-the-top humor. Its animation style and coming-of-age themes lend it a more juvenile tone that is approachable for fans who are looking for a different type of vampire story.

The vampires of Shiki
While not every vampire anime is scary, some are downright horrifying, and Shiki belongs on a list of the creepiest anime series. It revolves around a small rural town called Sotoba, which begins the site of a number of grizzly deaths. This coincides with the arrival of the mysterious Kirishiki family, and it soon becomes apparent that supernatural forces are at work.

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The title comes from the Japanese word for “corpse demon,” which perfectly sums up the show”s depiction of vampires. Although the plot starts out slowly, it quickly picks up the pace and becomes more chaotic with each passing episode. In addition to solid writing and horrifying visuals, the appeal of the series lies in watching the villagers of Sotoba come to realize there are monsters in their midst.

6 Vampire Knight

In Vampire Knight, Yuki Cross is a student at Cross Academy, a private school for both humans and vampires. As the school”s guardian, Yuki protects her crush and former savior, the Pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran, while trying to reason with her childhood friend, Zero Kiryu, and his deep-seated hatred for their classmates.

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Many vampire anime focus on the conflicts between humans and vampires, but Vampire Knight takes a different approach by examing how humans and vampires can coexist. This shojo anime is largely a romance story in the vein of Twilight, which appeals to viewers who are looking for a slower story that explores relationships between characters within a supernatural setting.

The dark fantasy series Seraph of the End is set in a world where a strange virus has killed most of the human population, leaving only children under the age of 13 alive. From the ashes of the old world, vampires rise and capture many of the surviving children. One of those survivors, Yuichiro Hyakuya, joins an elite vampire-fighting unit and sets out to rid the world of their evil.

Overall, Seraph of the End is a solid series that checks off a number of boxes required to be considered a solid vampire anime. The fight scenes are top-notch, it has a host of evil animated villains, and there is enough humor sprinkled in to break up the otherwise heavy story. While the series ends rather abruptly, it”s still worth the watch.

4 Bakemonogatari

Translated as “ghost story” or “monster story,” Bakemonogatari follows Koyomi Araragi, a high-schooler who survives a vampire attack and struggles to reassert his humanity. Just as he is getting back to normal, Koyomi”s starts to get involved with a series of girls grappling with strange afflictions, which prompts him to seek supernatural guidance to help them.

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The thing that sets Bakemonogatari apart from many vampire anime is its focus on character development. With its stylized and snappy writing, the dialogue between the characters is the highlight of the show. While the show has plenty of fanservice, it also delves into deeply personal issues such as bullying and family issues that distinguish it from just another vampire anime.

Based on the series by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is about a bounty hunter named D, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid who hunts members of his own kind. When the daughter of a wealthy merchant is kidnapped by a powerful vampire, D sets out to recover the girl, but the job quickly proves to be more than he originally bargained for.

This animated film has become a fan favorite, and rightly so for more than one reason. In addition to its beautiful art and interesting world, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust grapples with a number of complex themes. Ideas such as not passing judgment on others, loneliness, and empathy set it apart from the run-of-the-mill vampire anime and elevate it to a cult classic.

2 Hellsing Ultimate

Based on the manga written by Koua Hirano, Hellsing Ultimate is about the Hellsing Organization, a secret society dedicated to hunting down supernatural creatures. With the help of the powerful vampire, Alucard, Integra Hellsing leads the organization in its fight against the Nazis of Mellenium and the agents of the Vatican.

Few vampire anime have had as big of an impact as Hellsing. The main characters are excellent, from Alucard and Integra to the newly turned vampire Seras Victoria, as are the villains, such as the maniacal Alexander Anderson and the oppressive Major. The art and animation are beautiful, and the action scenes, while bloody, are also epic.

One of the newest vampire anime to come onto the scene is also one of the best. Based on the classic video game, Castlevania follows the story of vampire hunter Trevor Belmont as he teams up with the speaker magician Sypha Belnades and the vampire Alucard to save the world from vampires, night creatures, and necromancers.

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Fans of action need to look no further, as Castlevania has some of the most awesome fight scenes in any vampire anime. The artwork is spectacular, and the lore in the series is rich and detailed. While squeamish fans may get turned off by the excessive amounts of blood, the story gets better with each season, as Trevor and his allies battle villains ranging from Dracula to Death itself.

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